Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

We, the members of the South Milwaukee Police Department, are dedicated to providing a proactive, full service department that enhances the quality of life in our community by reducing crime through the protection of life and property.


Central to our mission is a set of values that will guide our work and decisions and allow us to make significant contributions to improving the quality of life in South Milwaukee. The members of the South Milwaukee Police Department value:

  • Accountability
  • Cooperation
  • Excellence
  • Human Life
  • Integrity
  • Laws and the Constitution
  • Ourselves


Goals provide direction and purpose and establish a standard for measuring progress and success. The members of the South Milwaukee Police Department will strive to:

  • Develop an effective, efficient and responsive management system
  • Increase agency-community partnerships
  • Provide a more effective allocation of services to the community
  • Increase job satisfaction for all employees
  • Ensure that all persons will be treated with respect, courtesy, and fairness
  • Identify, control, and reduce crime
  • Protect Constitutional Guarantees
  • Facilitate the safe movement of people and vehicles
  • Resolve conflict
  • Create and maintain a feeling of security in the community
  • Ensure that police services will be delivered uniformly, with consistency and as expediently as possible